Creative Counseling for Children

Counseling can provide a safe space for your child to process what they are going through, as well as give them a chance to talk to someone other than their parents.  

Counseling can help a child: 

Deal with family changes

Cope with grief and loss

Help improve the child's communication skills

Deal with depression and anxiety

Help with conflict resolution

Build the child's self-esteem

Stimulate healthy, normal development

Build an appropriate emotional repertoire and vocabulary

What kind of therapy is effective for children?​

Any type of therapy that incorporates creative ways for you child to expression him/herself can be very effective.   Emotional awareness and the language to express feelings can be difficult for children, so using mediums like art, music, and play, allows a child to express him/herself and the therapist to observe and respond in a fun, interactive and relatable way.  

How Do I Talk to My Child About His or Her Therapy Session?

It is important to not pressure your child to talk about their sessions. Therapists will talk with parents about anything that takes place in the session relating to the child’s safety or any other important information. Remember that your child is given privacy during his or her sessions in order to allow for self-expression. It is important to remember that progress takes time and children must be allowed to work at their own pace in order to build a trusting therapeutic relationship.

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